Even though Delta Airlines probably misses me, I really shouldn't complain.  Really.

It's only August and I've seen some amazing places already this year and who knows what is to come.  However, for the past couple of months, I've been fortunate enough to work semi-local from Hot Springs, Arkansas, New Iberia, Louisiana and for the past 4 weeks, I've been in Shreveport.  All within driving distance leaving me close enough to get home almost every weekend.

This morning, realizing that Darlene did not have her favorite coffee creamer, I dressed and took a leisurely ride into Prairieville.   I could have used the rental but, there was a Harley in the garage.  A no brainer in my book.  I was careful not to make too much noise riding through the neighborhood and irritating the honest folk of eastern Ascension Parish.

Due to the fog and humidity, visibility was maybe 500 yards at best and there was hardly any traffic riding up Bluff Road save a pick-up or two and a lone bicyclist whom I imagined felt smug and maybe a little superior knowing he was out burning calories on two wheels and I wasn't.  Crossing a tributary to Alligator Bayou and riding easily through the tunnel of overhanging Live Oak limbs draped with Spanish Moss, I disturbed a Blue Crane and an Egret who who sought only to give me a wide berth.

There was something special about the peacefulness of it all that made me glad, proud and blessed to be home, home in south Louisiana.