Truth Or Consequences

One of my favorite regions to work in is the southwest and I've had the opportunity to work New Mexico three times.  First in Silver City, New Mexico a few years ago and two years ago in Alamogordo.  There's just something about the dry desert conditions that does it for me.

My third time in New Mexico was a 6 week assignment in Truth Or Consequences. (click the link for details)  As the locals call it, T or C is located on the Rio Grande river and sits beside the Elephant Butte reservoir.l  There isn't a lot going on in T or C so weekends usually amounted a ride through the desert, down to Las Cruces or visiting places like the cliff dwellings in Gila National Park.

Aside from endless roads and nothingness, there was always an assortment of roadside curiosities.  I have no clue to what this bike was about other than a tribute to a local man who had passed on.

You begin to strain for amusements in a place like this so anything like Sparky's in Hatch, NM is a worthy stop.

Gila National Park cliff dwellings, located north of Silver City.  A good place for high altitude cardio hiking. 

Endless high desert roads all begin to look alike so the best part of being in a place like this is some of the relationships you forge, such as Vicki, Sid and Charlsie.

Thanks, T or C, it was great.