Life goes on

For the past couple of weeks, I have been plagued with laptop problems.  Twice, I've taken it to some supposed geek of sorts complaining it would not turn on.  Once, I laid it up on the counter while telling my woes, then pushed the off/on button as we watched it come on immediately.  Another geek let me leave it at his place only to call me back in an hour telling me nothing was wrong with it.  He was not shy about billing me $25 for his diagnosis.  It has gotten progressively worse.

Being the suspicious anti-geek that I am, managed to back up the old laptop on an external drive before it got on another fit of non performance and turned belly up. It appears dead for sure.

Laptops (from my experience) have an age like dogs.  Some say that dogs have 1/7 the lifetime of a human so if that is correct, the average lifespan of a Dell laptop should be relatively 25 to one.  That made my machine the human equivalent to 82 years.

I realize I am not a computer guru and really don't understand the gut works of the laptop but I'm not a complete idiot either, so I went online and bought another Dell at what I thought was a bargain price.  Once I opened it I realized how many settings and programs I had accumulated and went about customizing the new one.  I was so indulged in getting the new computer up and running that even my wife made snarky remarks about my passion.

Now, it appears I need to find a fitting and proper burial place for the Dell Inspiron 1545 before the Geek Squad comes and have me charged with computer abuse.  The SPCA would have you arrested if you failed to take care of your horse and seek medical assistance if it developed a tumor.  It's not a far stretch to think there must be a violation somewhere out there in geekdom.

Honestly, I de-fragged it a couple of times and had some decent (free) virus protection.  I promise.