Back to it again

After 3 weeks at home without an assignment, I am finally back at it again, slinging luggage around, hassling  over rental cars, flights and hotels as well as the general airport check in confusion.

At New Orleans airport I arrived to see over a hundred flyers being serviced by 3 or 4 gate agents rendering a lot of people angry over the fear they would miss a flight.

Most were tourists who rarely flew and a couple still drunk and probably had not slept.  Many were confused over the check in process and became somewhat vocal about it. A couple of the gate agents took the bait and got caught up in the exchange.

Once through the bag check, I sauntered through the pre-check lane garnering a couple of curious glances from those who perhaps wondering how I managed to get through the lines so quickly. 

Anyway, I enjoyed my time at home but it's time to get back to work.

Hello Enumclaw  (Seattle ).