Concealed carry?......pftt....wimp

I had just gassed up at a Racetrac near the airport and went in to enjoy the facilities when I noticed a late 20s / early 30s female wearing a pair of painted on Miss Me jeans and...a Glock.  Nothing concealed here.

Moving around the coffee bar to get another glimpse, I couldn't see a badge on the belt as I normally do when I see cops wearing pistols exposed.  Since I was in an "Open Carry" state I wasn't really alarmed but have to admit it was an unusual occurrence, especially on a young(ish) female.

As I went back to my car, two separate police cars drove up.  This gets my attention.  There was also a red bearded homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk next to the door being extremely cheerful to everyone that passed by and even threw up his hands  at the first cop who completely ignored him.

So now, armed with all kinds of information (homeless guy, girl with Glock, two policemen) that I need to process, I crank up the car, pull out my phone and get the camera ready.

Possibilities include the homeless guy getting arrested but more the idea that somehow the folks at the gas station had called in a complaint. and I would be ready for the excitement that might ensue.

After waiting for 4 or 5 minutes, I could see the armed woman paying for her items through the window.  Another minute or so, out comes one of the cops with a donut and coffee.  The redheaded homeless guy says something to the cop again and still, no reaction other than getting in his cruiser and driving off.

In another minute, the girl walks out, ignores the bum and gets into her Dodge Challenger.

So much for excitement at the Racetrac in Baton Rouge.