Yeeeeee...hawwwww, Bronco Billy Rides Again!!

It seems as if the snow, wind and cold is relentless here in South Dakota.  With temps for the past week that never got above 20°,  all I felt like doing was go to work, stop off at a restaurant near the hotel then head back to my room. 

However...there was this big rodeo and stock show going on in Rapid City so I bundled up in a Pea Coat, down vest, scarf, hat and gloves and braved the -8° for the show.  I sat between two old former rodeo guys who continued to give me blow by blow, hoof to the dirt descriptions of what every rider was doing right or wrong.  This rodeo had laser light shows, high tech clowns and instant playback screens that focused in on the hands of the riders rosining up the ropes and gloves.

This night, the show was on bareback and saddle bronc and bull riding.

Here's a few shots from it all.