As fate would have it...

I've had my share of great assignments and quite a few have been in Hawaii.  With that said, I figured my luck had long run out and I'd never see the islands on the company ticket ever again.  So, as fate would have it (thanks Mr. Jones) I find myself on Oahu once again.

It's not that working in San Angelo, Texas and Eunice, Louisiana wasn't some of the highlights of my life but Hawaii...?...it's what dreams are made of.

I've been here about 3 weeks and taken quite a few pictures but somehow my laptop started having issues downloading Windows 10 and I've pretty much been without a function to upload pictures with.  So without deep narratives, I present a quick photo journal of the past 3½ weeks.

After a red-eye flight to Honolulu, I found myself dealing with traffic like no other place I've been unless it was New York or the 605 in Los Angeles.  At least I got a rainbow in the deal.

There's not many places to stay within your budget other than downtown Waikiki, complete with zillions of tourists, street people and more traffic.

The annual Aloha Festival

  Raining on the parade

 I suppose if you're going to be homeless, this is the place. Rare is the night below 60°

  Life in downtown is living in a cube.  A view from my 220 square foot hotel room.

 My first week here, the place was swarming with tourists but over the recent week, they have thinned out a bit.

 Getting away from Waikiki, you can find less people

 Or strolling around later at night.  Here's the marina where the Ala Wai meets the harbor

 Looking toward Diamond Head at dusk.

  I always love a slow drive around the island.  This time it was counter clockwise.  Who knows, next week I might go for clockwise.

 It has been said that the best food on Hawaii is the after taste of the peanuts from the flight over.

 The place is synonymous with surfing so I spent last Saturday afternoon on the northeast side watching the surfers

 Waves crashing on the lava rocks

  More waves, more rocks

 More surfers.  He looks happy enough.

Later on, I'll upload my trip up to Manoa Falls.