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Well, yeaaUH !

Says it needs work.
I may have mentioned....I'm in Kansas for the past month or so by the way of Arlington Texas for a couple of days.  I'm staying in a casino for crying out loud.  Since I'm too cheap to gamble, it just doesn't have an appeal for me.
I'll have to be blunt...while these folks up here are the salt of the earth, there just isn't a lot of things to do other than just go out and count the number of yard art tractors, rusting automobiles and miles and miles of checkerboard acreage.
 The highlights of my days are the 14 mile trip from my office in Wellington to my room at night where I keep my eyes peeled for some new curiosity.  Sometimes the sunrise is fabulous
 and sometimes there's a notable sunset.
 This past weekend, I managed to find a little fishing lake just east of me and found a half moon trying to peak through the trees.
 To my surprise, an Eagle flew up in one of the Cottonwoods near me.
 I would have loved getting closer for a tighter shot but eagle stalking isn't one of my strong suits so when I got a little closer it took flight leaving me with 40 more miles across the prairie to the hotel.
 At least I'm not somewhere in Minnesota chest deep in snow.  I admit that I wanted off Oahu and remember thinking that I would miss that place after I'd gotten home and it's true but never understood how true.  It was a place where you could just pick up your camera and find a great picture to take.


I apologize

It's been a while since I've visited my travel log/blog.  I have no excuses other than an acute case of apathy.

Since I left New Mexico, I've visited Vancouver, Washington for which the experience was so miserable, I'll think twice about wanting to go there again.  Other than a side trip to Canon Beach, I consider it a bust.

From there, I spent several weeks experiencing the bayous and Mardi Gras near home in Morgan City, Louisiana near home

as well as a few weeks in Kansas City, Kansas being able to catch a car show and visit the World War 1 museum.

Flagstaff, Arizona is next.